Library card

You need a library card to borrow library materials.

You can obtain a personal library card and PIN code from any Ratamo library by presenting a photo ID and committing to follow the Library Rules. You can use the same library card in all Ratamo libraries. Your first library card is free of charge, but a small fee will be charged for a new one.

Guardians will need to fill out a library card application for children under 15 years of age. A child can get a library card from the library on their own by presenting a filled out application (signed by the guardian). The guardian's personal information will be linked to the child's customer information. If the guardian wants to manage of the loans of an under 15-year-old child online, they will need to add the child’s card to their own account. For instructions on adding a card, see Adding other library cards to your account in the How to use the online library tab.

Please notify the library if you change your name or address. If you lose your library card, please notify your library immediately. Once you have informed your library of your missing library card, you will no longer be responsible for any new loans on your card.

Card holders are responsible for all material borrowed on their library card. The guardian is responsible for material borrowed by a person under the age of 15. Card holders and guardians of under 15-year-old card holders commit to replace all damaged, lost, or unreturned library material on their cards .

PIN code

You need a PIN code for logging in to the online library as well as for using the self-service lending machine or the library’s e-materials. You can get a four-digit PIN code by visiting the library.

You can change your PIN code on the Your Account page, after logging in to the online library. You can find the page by clicking your name in the upper right-hand corner. You can change the PIN code by clicking Change PIN Code of the Library Card on your Profile.

To change your PIN code, first type the current code, then the new one twice to avoid typing errors.